Huy Nguyen,Founder Portland Metro Toy Drive

Founder Portland Metro Toy Drive

NW Exec: Huy Nguyen is an Entrepreneur in Portland, Oregon. He works in Real Estate and is the Executive Director and Founder of the Portland Metro Toy Drive.

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NW Exec: Huy, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the Portland business scene and tips for other “go getter’s” like yourself. You’re involved in 2 different businesses. Can you explain a little about each of them?

Huy:  Thank you.  I’ve been a residential Realtor since 2005 and have helped friends and clients find and sell their homes.  I started the Portland Toy Drive in November of 2009 as a promotional support arm of local children’s charities and causes.  Due to popular request we’ve recently changed it to Portland Metro Toy Drive, an up and coming 501-c3 organization with an emphasis to help children while collaborating with businesses.

NW Exec: Being in the Real Estate industry during the recession our economy has seen, would you say that now is a good time for those first time homebuyers to purchase? When do you see the market rebounding?

Huy: In my opinion the best time to buy are the winter months, when the market is slowest and sellers are eager to sell.  In terms of the market rebounding, that’s subjective, depending on what rebound means to each individual.  If you’re looking for a stronger market with strong appreciation, you might as well wait several years or more.  Considering all aspects of our economy, especially if you examine it globally, and follow your way inward to our city’s issues, it’s not promising anytime soon – just watch the prospects for healthy jobs.  If there’s no future for new wealth to be created where does the buying power come from to help drive a market upward with more sales and purchases?  Plus, baby boomers are reaching retirement age and their kids have moved out.   There will be a lot of downsizing and where will the new buyers come from?

NW Exec: I’m sure a lot of people are wondering how they can get more involved with the Portland Metro Toy Drive. What is a good way that people can help and show support?

Huy: 1) Visit our blog . Come November & December it will showcase all the happenings (including photos and videos) w/the community effort. 2) Join our Facebook fan page @PortlandToyDrive and share with your friends.  3) Host/promote a toy collection box through one of our toy drive partners and/or visit a business or public event and give toys & books where donations will be accepted – more info through our blog and facebook fan page.

NW Exec: Huy, you obviously stay very busy with several different projects and you’re always on the go, what are some tips you can share with our readers for staying organized and on top of their game?

Huy: 1) Have a to do list for your day, week & month.  2) Carry a small note pad to take notes for ANYTHING important.  3) Monitor your calendar several times a day.

NW Exec: What would you say are the 3 most important things you must do or possess to be successful as an entrepreneur?

Huy: 1) Love your family 2) Know your why 3) Never give up

NW Exec: How would you rate Portland as far as the opportunity available for someone who wants to step out side the box and aspire to create their own opportunity?

Huy: I believe Portland is fertile ground. We are a mid-size city with a fairly large-scale infrastructure.  There is great pride among Portland’s various social and business communities.  Our economy needs improvement and solutions are in demand.  Creative minds with feasible plans willing to back it with strong work ethic have a good chance.

You can contact Huy on Twitter @PDXToyDrive or on Facebook and be sure to check out the Toy Drive website at


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