Virtual Offices

NW Exec can provide you with a Virtual Office at one of the best corporate parks west of Portland, Oregon located at the Hillsboro Executive Terminal. Share the same corporate headquarters of big business such as Nike, Wells Fargo, Intel, Solar World, Exxon Mobil Aviation, Bank of America, Sun Microsystems, Radisys, University of Phoenix and many others.

Our solution for you will help you cut costs or keep them to a minimum depending on if you are downsizing or growing in size. Virtual Offices come with access to conference rooms, a mailing address (to call your own!) and discounts to corporate services to help your business grow.

At NW Exec we help you make a first impression your clients will remember and a credible corporate image at only a fraction of the cost of setting up your own office. Other Virtual Offices charge $200 to $300 per month but we only charge $149 per month. For a limited time only you can have your own professional office for only $89 per month, contact us today!

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